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Over time fiberglass tub and shower floors can weaken and crack. All Surface Professionals can reconstruct and restore any weakened floor to new condition, without removing the fixture! Our process requires only a few short hours of down time, saves you money on complete replacement, and comes with a STRUCTURAL LIFETIME WARRANTY!

Chips, cracks, and scratches can also be fixed easily without having to refinish your entire tub or shower unit. Whether you have a brand new unit that has been damaged in the construction process or have some small chips, cracks, or scratches that you have acquired over time, All Surface Professionals refinishing process can make them look like new again!

And, sometimes your tub just needs some revitalizing to make cleaning and maintenance easier. With our in depth cleaning and polishing process, All Surface Professionals can restore that original shine to your tub or shower. The process gives you a smoother finish that allows the water and soap to bead up and run off the surface quicker making cleaning a breeze.   Customers will typically save half the cost of refinishing by using this restoration method.

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Fiberglass Tub & Shower Repair

Floor Overlay K 1.jpg
Floor Overlay K 2.jpg
Floor Overlay K 3.jpg
Floor Overlay K 4.jpg
Step by step process of a structural tub/shower floor repair.
fib. repair 1.jpg
fib. repair 2.jpg
spot repair 3.jpg
spot repair 4.jpg
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