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Increase safety and give your old bathtub a new and updated look. Our Tub Cut-downs, or Tub to Shower Safety Conversion makes an existing bathtub into a walk-in bathtub or shower! In less than a day, this unique tub modification turns an existing fiberglass, steel, cast-iron, or acrylic bathtub into an attractive, safe and accessible step-thru shower.


Installation begins by removing a section of your existing bathtub wall. 



Then choose 1 of our 3 stylish options to finish your project. 


#1 The Convertible:
This option uses a water tight plug that allows the cut-down tub be converted from a fully functional bathtub, back to a step-in shower in a matter of seconds!  Our most versatile option!



#2 Our safety insert:
This high-density heavy-duty insert is fitted onto your tub right at the job site.  The insert creates a much lower step up into your tub.  The newly created threshold has a built-in slip-resistant finish.


#3 The Molded Seamless Version:

Without using an insert, this process uses thick panels that are bonded to  the tub for a seamless appearance.  This version is very customizable.  Should you need a deeper or wider opening for whatever reason, we can accommodate.











The molded seamless version can be custom fitted with glass shower doors.




Grab bars and Slip Resistant safety texturing may be added to any tub bottom for extra safety if needed.


The Tub Cut-down or Tub to Shower Safety Conversion can even be reversed. By replacing the removed cut-out section, the tub can be restored to its original condition if this added safety feature is no longer desired.


​​​Call today for your free estimate ~ 320-260-1539.


Bathtub Cut-Downs &

Tub to Shower Safety Conversions

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