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We use the leading and most experienced products and refinishing process in the industry with millions of successful applications. What makes our three-step refinishing process the most effective is the superior durability and adhesion of the compounds and coating systems we use. The secret lies in the ability of these compounds to fuse into the original surface through a molecular bonding action. Check out our PHOTO GALLERY to see how the amazing results speak for themselves.

Our three-step refinishing process can add new life to your bathroom or kitchen fixtures in less than a day! And, saving as much as 85 percent when compared to replacement costs, makes refinishing an easy, attractive, and affordable solution.

Here's what's involved:


Step 1: Preparation

The old caulking and silicone are removed.

The surface then gets a thorough cleaning using an industrial strength detergent based cleaner, or a solvent based chemical wash, or both.

The surface is then etched or scuffed sanded to "microscopically rough up the surface.   (This "roughing up" procedure will prepare the surface so that the primer will adhere properly.)

At this point any damaged areas such as: chips, pitted, or worn areas are repaired.

The room is prepped for the spraying process.   Walls, floors and other areas surrounding the surface are now covered up with paper, plastic and masking tape to protect these surfaces from any overspray.


Step 2: Spraying

The surface will be sprayed with multiple coats of a two-part epoxy, ultra-grip primer.


Usually 20 -30 minutes after the last coat of primer has been applied, the primed surface is now ready for topcoat.


For countertop re-coloring the primed surface gets coated with some sort of color before the final topcoat.   We have several, multi-colored products manufactured to simulate the appearance of granite, or any type of faux finishing that can be done to a wall or any other surface, can also be done to a countertop using our process as well.   We have professional, certified and trained faux finishers available to do any faux finishing appearance on your counters.   After the faux finishing procedure is finished and completely dry, your counters will be ready for the topcoat.

An acrylic urethane resin, specially designed for your surface is then applied in multiple coats as well.   This topcoat is available in any color, including clear, and will dry to a very glossy finish.   The sheen can be adjusted when needed.   Countertops will get three coats of a clear resin to allow the color from underneath to show through. This clear coat comes automatically in a sheen that will closely duplicate the sheen of a new Formica top.


Step 3: The Finishing Touches

It is always a good idea to allow the finish at least 12 hours or more to set up and begin to dry before pulling off the masking tape and paper.   New caulking is then applied wherever needed to seal the edges and make the corners waterproof.   To save money some customers opt to do this finishing step themselves.


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Three-Step Refinishing Process

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